Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 6th - Marie

This particular day was the first ever worldwide painting session. I thought that I would start things off correctly with a quick sketch of my wife. I set her up in person and then took a photo that was similar to what I was seeing. I think I shifted her somewhat in the setup process by accident and she appeared more straight on to me but it doesn't matter because I didn't get far with my sketch anyway!

Everyone else did a wonderful job and completed much more than I could in the alloted time!

Take a look at the reference first and then the sketches below:

Barbara Pask

Lee Ekland

Marilyn Harman

Mark Bridges

Renate Dabney

My sketch of Marie...or her eye or something hehe.

Shelley Bittick

Mary Segev

Good job guys!


  1. Jon, Thanks for hosting this World Wide Painting Session, so fun to see what everyone does.

  2. No problem at all Lee. I love seeing everyone's paintings!